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Age 4.5-5Spring TotsDCLafayette ES8/wksMonTBD4:00 PM$110Register
Age 3.5-4Spring TotsKensingtonKensington Cabin Park7/wksTueTBD10:30 AM$125Register
Age 4-5Spring TotsGarrett ParkCambria Park7/wksTueTBD1:00 PM$125Register
Age 18-24 mo.Spring Soccer Cubs - IndoorBethesdaNext Level7/wksWedTBD10:15 AM$195Register
Age 2-3Spring Larry's ABCs - IndoorBethesdaNext Level7/wksWedTBD10:15 AM$195Register
Age 3-5Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level7/wksWedTBD1:00 PM$175Register
Age 3.5-4Spring TotsDCFt Bayard Park8/wksWedTBD12:30 PM$140Register
Age 3-5Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level7/wksThuTBD1:00 PM$175Register
Age 3Spring TotsChevy ChaseN. Chevy Chase Park7/wksThuTBD11:00 AM$140Register
Age 2.5-3.5Spring TotsBethesdaSuburban Nursery School8/wksThuTBD11:30 AM$175Register
Age 3-4.5Spring TotsBethesdaBeach Dr & Cedar Ln8/wksThuTBD1:00 PM$140Register
Age 4.5-5Spring TotsBethesdaBeach Dr & Cedar Ln8/wksThuTBD1:00 PM$140Register
Age 4.5-5Spring TotsDCPinehurst Circle8/wksThuTBD5:00 PM$140Register
Age 4-5Spring TotsChevy ChaseN. Chevy Chase Park8/wksFriTBD12:30 PM$140Register
Age 4-5Spring TotsSilver SpringForest Grove Park8/wksFriTBD5:00 PM$140Register
Age 3-5Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level7/wksFriTBD1:00 PM$175Register
Age 3.5-4Spring TotsChevy ChaseN. Chevy Chase Park8/wksFriTBD12:30 PM$140Register
Age 2Spring TotsPotomacRiver Falls Comm Cntr8/wksFriTBD4:30 PM$175Register
Age 4.5-5Spring TotsClarksburgWilson Wims ES8/wksSat5/2-6/2711:00 AM$145Register
Age 3.5-4Spring TotsSilver SpringGetty Park8/wksSat5/2-6/2711:00 AM$145Register
Age 4Spring TotsSilver SpringGetty Park8/wksSat5/2-6/279:00 AM$145Register
Age 3Spring TotsBethesdaLynbrook Park8/wksSat5/2-6/2710:45 AM$145Register
Age 3Spring TotsSilver SpringN. Four Corners Park8/wksSat5/2-6/279:50 AM$145Register
Age 3.5-4Spring TotsDCLafayette Park8/wksSat5/2-6/2711:30 AM$145Register
Age 4.5-5Spring TotsBethesdaLynbrook Park8/wksSat5/2-6/279:00 AM$145Register
Age 2.5-3.5Spring TotsDCLafayette ES8/wksSat5/2-6/279:00 AM$175Full
Age 2.5-3.5Spring TotsOlneyOlney Sq Neighborhood Park8/wksSat5/2-6/2710:00 AM$145Register
Age 4.5-5Spring TotsOlneyOlney Sq Neighborhood Park8/wksSat5/2-6/2710:45 AM$145Register
Age 4.5-5Spring TotsChevy ChaseRays Meadow Park8/wksSun5/3-6/2810:00 AM$145Register
Age 4-5Spring TotsBethesdaWestbrook ES8/wksSun5/3-6/2810:30 AM$145Register
Age 4-5.5Spring TotsBethesdaWestbrook ES8/wksSun5/3-6/289:30 AM$145Register
Age 2Spring TotsDCLafayette ES8/wksSun5/3-6/2810:00 AM$175Register
Age 2Spring TotsBethesdaStratton Park8/wksSun5/3-6/2810:00 AM$175Coming Soon
Age 4.5-5Spring TotsBethesdaNorwood Park8/wksSun5/3-6/289:15 AM$145Register
Age 4Spring TotsSilver SpringN. Four Corners Park8/wksSun5/3-6/2811:20 AM$145Register
Age 3Spring TotsChevy ChaseRays Meadow Park8/wksSun5/3-6/2810:50 AM$145Register
Age 3.5-4Spring TotsChevy ChaseRays Meadow Park8/wksSun5/3-6/2810:00 AM$145Register
Age 4-5.5Spring TotsBethesdaNorwood Park8/wksSun5/3-6/289:00 AM$145Register
Age 3Spring TotsKensingtonKensington Cabin Park8/wksSun5/3-6/2810:00 AM$145Register
Age 3.5-4Spring TotsBethesdaStratton Park8/wksSun5/3-6/289:00 AM$145Register
Age 18-24 mo.Spring Soccer Cubs - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/289:00 AM$175Register
Age 2-3.5Spring Larry's ABCs - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/289:00 AM$175Register
Age 3Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/289:40 AM$150Register
Age 4Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/289:40 AM$150Register
Age 4Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/2810:25 AM$150Register
Age 5Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/2810:25 AM$150Register
Age 4Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/2812:15 PM$150Register
Age 5Spring Tots - IndoorBethesdaNext Level6/wksSun5/3-6/2812:15 PM$150Register



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Brit-Am Tots & Toddler Program Descriptions

Brit-Am Soccer Academy provides age appropriate training for players in our Tots & Toddler Soccer Programs from ages 18 months-age 5. Most programs meet once a week, for 8 weeks.

Brit-Am Toddler Soccer Cubs

Brit-Am Soccer Cubs program, for players 18-24 months, allows toddlers to explore the vast soccer jungle through discovery and play at our state-of-the art indoor facility in Bethesda. Our age-specific curriculum was created with the help of specialists in the early childhood education and early childhood physical therapy fields. Coaches, parents and players will engage in a variety of physical activities both with and without the soccer ball. Every cub will learn new social, physical and cognitive skills, learn to follow simple instructions, build confidence and have a roaring good time!

Larry’s ABC’s for Toddlers

The Larry’s ABC’s (Agility, Balance, Coordination) program is a parent participation class that uses simple activities to introduce two-year-old toddlers to soccer. The fun curriculum focuses on the development of basic motor skills such as jumping, running and of course, kicking the ball. With the assistance of two professional and licensed Brit-Am coaches, players will build self-confidence while improving social skills such as listening and taking turns.

Petite Tots & Toddlers

The Petite Tots program is designed for toddlers age 2.5-3.5 to build on their growing sense of independence. Petite Tots is a parent-participation program, but toddlers will start to engage and follow coaches’ directions without the assistance of a parent. The program uses fun activities and games with clearly defined objectives to help toddlers improve their motor skills, self-confidence and social skills.

Mini Tots & Toddlers

The Mini Tots program, for toddlers age 3, includes games that focus on dribbling and shooting, as well improving agility, balance and coordination. Our Beginner Mini Tots classes for players age 3 introduce the real game gradually through a wide range of imaginative games to keep children entertained and engaged. As the program progresses to the Advanced Mini Tots for players age 3.5-4.5, coaches begin to introduce more advanced games which will challenge players both physically and mentally.

Tiny Tots

The Tiny Tots Program is the golden age of tots. As toddlers turn into 4 year olds, Tiny Tots classes for children age 4, introduces them to skills which are directly applicable to the real game such as changes of direction, shooting, dribbling, and speed & agility. The Tiny Tots program features more tag games and teamwork-centered games. As players move on to the Advanced Tiny Tots phase, the class includes increased scrimmage time as players begin to show a love of the real game.