“This session has thus far been my daughter’s favorite of all other soccer programs. Coach Jim is fabulous. He makes sure all of the players are as engaged as can be, catering his style to their needs and levels. He is encouraging and is teaching them skills through well-thought out drills, even allowing them to “scrimmage” for a portion of time each session. The location is so convenient, well maintained and a spot I would love to see as potential location for future sessions.”

Feedback on Brit-AM Soccer, Sundays @ 11AM Bethesda

“I only have extremely positive things to say about Coach Albert. In my several years now of participating in youth soccer (I have three daughters, and my second daughter is going through the youth soccer system now), Coach Albert has been by far the best coach for young kids.”


“My son just finished his speed and agility class yesterday, at Seven Locks Elementary. Blaine is amazing with these kids! He is motivating, makes the workouts tough, but interesting, and most of all, makes it fun. He is such a great teacher! This is the second time my son has taken this class with Blaine, and I feel like my son has benefitted tremendously from both classes! I’m so glad that our friends recommended Blaine and the Brit-am Speed & Agility class. It is excellent, and worth every penny!!”

Barb (Rockville)

“They were the best coaches we have had so far! Every year it keeps getting better and better.  The students absolutely lovvvvvve them & soccer was a blast!  As a matter of fact,one parent said she had signed her child up for soccer at 2 different camps previously with friends and that didn’t seem to work out for the child even with friends at the soccer camp.  However, this is all she talks about!  One of the students said to me this morning, “ awwwwh Ms. Sharon, this is the last day for soccer please no, we want more soccer”!  So thank you!  I am so glad we have a gym so that we didn’t have to cancel any classes.”

Sharon H. (The Arc Montgomery)

“Just wanted to say thank you for sending Larry the Lion to our last soccer practice.  The children were delighted to see him, and we are thrilled that he was able to make an appearance.  We appreciate everything that all of you do to make Brit-Am such a wonderful soccer program for kids.  It has been a terrific experience for all of us!”


“You guys really have the most amazing coaches.  Wilber’s patience and enthusiasm is truly incredible.  My son asks me every single day if he has soccer and counts down from one class to the next.”


 “I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with this year’s Goalie Challenge. We signed up by mistake (thinking it was a training). Once we realized what it was, my daughter decided to try it; not to win, but to see where she ranks as a goalie among other competitive goalies. She didn’t win, but she impressed quite a few people… especially herself! Her confidence and her motivation as a goalie has reached an all time high since the challenge.  Thank you so much for having these events for goalies.”

Mrs. Branham

“Everyone in our class has been very happy and told me so. We took an age 2 class with my daughter two years ago with another soccer program and it was not nearly as fun or engaging. The kids REALLY love the games and props, it keeps them engaged and interested. Plus the coaches are so cheerful! Thank you for a WONDERFUL class, we could not be happier.”

Malia H.

“I have two classes — a 3/4s and a 4/5s.  They’re both great! Coach Jason is wonderful with our Age 3/4s class.  He’s kind, soft-spoken, funny, and engaging with our all-girl team.  Some of the girls were a little apprehensive at first, but Jason has worked hard to bring those children out of their shells and make sure they have fun.  My daughter just loves him — she talks about him all of the time!

This is my 3rd or 4th season with Jill coaching one of my children and she, as always, is fantastic.  She knows all of the kids names and was quick to recognize each of their personalities and strengths.  Also, my son showed up to practice hurt one week (an injury incurred outside of soccer) but he still really wanted to play.  Jill did everything she could to make sure to include ways he could participate and was genuinely concerned about his well-being.  I’ve been nothing but impressed by both Jill and Jason.

The Brit-Am office is wonderful to work with.  They make it easy to coordinate a class.  And, while we haven’t had a weather cancellation yet this season, the office has always made sure to get the word out to the teams as soon as possible in seasons past.

We have been a Brit-Am family for about 5 years and have nothing but good, positive things to say about all of our experiences with it.”

Sharon W.

“Once again, Brit-AM delivered top notch instruction in a fun and relaxed climate! Brit-AM coaches are top rate and really know how to engage the kids. Nathan always says ‘Yes’ to a Brit-AM opportunity and we highly recommend this program to all our friends!”

Melanie B.

“All 3 of my children have been in Brit-Am programs for a total of eight years now. All of the coaches we have encountered have been absolutely top notch, and the program has always been incredibly well designed, organized and professional on all levels. Most importantly, my kids and all their friends have had a wonderful time and really looked forward to classes where they learned a great deal!”

Gretchen B.

“Each coach has their own personality. They are always on time and help make sure each child is having fun. Getting that many children to pay attention and participate is no small task. The program at College Gardens is another way that Brit-Am helps to build a culture of soccer in the area and promote an active lifestyle for young people. I believe it is important for children to start playing sports at a young age. Not all sports can be played at 4 and 5 years old, but soccer can. Being part of a group or team can help teach your child team work and make them feel good about themselves. When exercise is made fun at an early age, children will most likely continue to do it when they get older.”

Sylva K.

“My girls really enjoyed it and so did I as a parent– I particularly appreciated how well organized it was, how good you and your staff were about communications and staying in touch, and most importantly, I thought all of the instructors you hired were particularly good with the kids, who were also so little back then! At that age some of them are so nervous about playing for the first time. But all of the coaches who taught the classes were very good about gently encouraging the kids and not putting a lot of pressure on them, but just getting them out there running around and having fun. They both loved it and it was a great experience. We thank you again for running such a great program for the girls back in preschool, as that was their first introduction to soccer and both of them have loved playing ever since!”

Meg S.

I just wanted to let you know how AWESOME coach Jonah is. Every single child is loving our soccer class. He remembered every kids’ name on day one, goes WAY above and beyond in making class fun, and has been really great with one little girl who is new to the US and speaks little English.
Every single parent has been over the moon, and many kids say they wish they had soccer everyday.
I think y’all have some clients for life.

Miranda B.