Brit-Am Summer Day Camps are a fun and exciting way to develop each child’s skill. Our programs are run by professionally trained coaches in a fun and safe environment. Every player/group that attends our programs will have a qualified professional head coach, who works with Brit-Am Soccer Academy throughout the year.

2021 Summer Camps


We are planning to run in-person summer camp in 2021 and have made a number of program changes in order to keep camp as safe as possible for our community. For more information click here for more information on our guidelines.

Our guidelines may be revised moving forward in accordance with state, local, and school guidance. The plan will continue to adapt as the situation around us changes.

DateCampLocationAge/GradeTimeDiscount PriceFull PriceRegister
6/14 - 6/18Landon Summer CampLandon SchoolPre K - K9-12PM-$235FULL
6/21 - 6/25PDL Kickers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade K-19-12PM$225$250COMING SOON
6/21 - 6/25PDL Ballers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 2-39-12PM/9-3PM$225$250COMING SOON
6/28 - 7/2PDL Kickers CampNorwood SchoolGrade K-19-12PM$250/$375$275/$400Register
6/28 - 7/2PDL Ballers CampNorwood SchoolGrade 2-39-12PM/9-3PM$250/$375$275/$400Register
6/28 - 7/2PDL Advanced Summer CampNorwood SchoolGrade 4-89-12PM/9-3PM$250/$375$275/$400Register
7/26 - 7/30PDL Kickers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade K-19-12PM$250$275COMING SOON
7/26 - 7/30PDL Ballers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 2-39-12PM$250/375$275/400COMING SOON
7/26 - 7/30PDL Advanced Summer CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 4-89-12PM$250/375$275/400COMING SOON
8/2 - 8/6Landon SummerLandon SchoolGrade K9-12PM-$235FULL
8/2 - 8/6Landon SummerLandon SchoolGrade 1-89-3 PM-$370FULL
8/2 - 8/6PDL Kickers CampNorwood SchoolGrade K-19-12PM$250/$375$275/$400Register
8/2 - 8/6PDL Ballers CampNorwood SchoolGrade 2-39-12PM/9-3PM$250/$375$275/$400Register
8/2 - 8/6PDL Advanced Summer CampNorwood SchoolGrade 4-89-12PM/9-3PM$250/$375$275/$400Register
8/9 - 8/13PDL Kickers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade K-19-12PM$250$275COMING SOON
8/9 - 8/13PDL Ballers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 2-39-12PM$250/$375$275/400COMING SOON
8/16 - 8/20PDL Kickers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade K-19-12PM$250/$375$275/400COMING SOON
8/16 - 8/20PDL Ballers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 2-39-12PM/9-3PM$250/$375$275/400COMING SOON
8/16 - 8/20PDL Advanced Summer CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 4-89-12PM/9-3PM$250/$375$275/400COMING SOON
8/23 - 8/27PDL Kickers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade K-19-12PM$250/$375$275/400COMING SOON
8/23 - 8/27PDL Ballers CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 2-39-12PM$250/$375$275/400COMING SOON
8/23 - 8/27PDL Advanced Summer CampBethesda Area TBDGrade 4-89-12PM$250/$375$275/400COMING SOON


Brit-Am Soccer Academy has been providing summer soccer camps in Montgomery County and the Washington, DC area since 1999. We provide various types of soccer camps for kids aged between 3-18yrs and ranging from recreational to travel level players, each camp is designed to meet the needs of the players in its community, ranging from Day Camps, Residential Camps to High School Prep Camps as well as Goalkeeper and Seasonal Holiday Camps (Spring Break, Winter Break). The Brit- Am Camps are run by professionally licensed coaches and are overseen by the Brit-Am Camp Director Steve Knapman.

Our soccer camps and day camps are great for every soccer player, experienced or beginner. Each day starts with a full camp activity which consists of energetic games to get them excited and ready for play. The kids are then divided into their groups, where they will work on their individual skills and play lots of fun small sided games. Each morning will then finish off with the World Cup Competition which is a small tournament with prizes for the winners. During the week we also hold mini competitions to find the “Best Dressed Soccer Uniform” and “Crazy Soccer Hat”.

The afternoons are all about scoring goals with shooting games and small group and individual competitions. Kids get to play their favorite games such as Power Finesse, Swedish Fish and Penalty Shoot Outs. The afternoon sessions are low intensity due to the summer heat but packed with fun and challenging activities to keep the kids developing their game.

Dribblers Tots Camp
Each day of our soccer camps will concentrate on teaching each player the rules of the game and basic techniques. This will be done by the use of small games such as some of the kid’s favorites, Sharks and Minnows, Stuck in the Mud, Red light-Green light, Ghost Busters and Raid the Castle. All these games will help develop motor skills and cognitive abilities. For the older children, we will also conduct game like scrimmages, where the players will get to learn the rules of the “REAL GAME”, and compete in team activities.

Prizes can also be won during the week through player participation in the Best Dressed Soccer Player Competition and Best Soccer Hat competition.

Outdoor Soccer Camps

Players in the PDL Kickers Camp will get the opportunity to develop their physical and technical skills under the guidance of professional licensed soccer coaches with a strong playing background. Players will play some of the best games that challenge the kids to perform many of the skills needed to play the game at a competitive level. The players will work on dribbling, turning, controlling the ball, passing and scoring goals! Having the freedom to play and be creative at this age is very important for their development and the Brit-Am coaches have just the right personality to bring these games to life. Scrimmaging is a huge part of learning and the kids will get the chance to learn the rules of the game as well as what skills to use at the right time and place on the field.

The PDL Ballers Camp for players in grades 2-3 will focus on techniques such as dribbling, passing, ball control, shooting, and turning. It will be structured as a progressive practice session, going from simple to complex as the coach attempts to challenge the players. Players can choose to do full or Half Day options.

Station sessions will also be used and will focus on 3 different activities for a certain amount of time at each station. This allows players to work on different types of game situations such as: 1v1, 2v1, 2v2, etc.

Morning sessions will be focused on technical progressions and small sided tactical situations.

Afternoon soccer camps will be focused on different types of 1 v1 games, shooting games and speed and agility games, and fun team related activities.

Kids may participate in our optional Crazy Hat and Best Dressed Soccer Uniform competitions  to win prizes!

– Players will be split into appropriate age or skill level groups the first day of camp. Adjustments may be made.

For 20 years Brit-Am Soccer Academy has provided this region’s premier camp experience for youth soccer players. Our PDL/Advanced Summer Camp offers players the opportunity to develop their game in a fun and game-oriented setting. Our professionally licensed coaching staff from Potomac Soccer and Brit-Am Soccer will help build and foster a foundation of skills, confidence and passion for the game.

During camps, players will spend time working on their core skills of dribbling, passing, shooting, and turns/moves through fun and challenging games through the use of the Potomac Soccer Association Player Development curriculum. Camps also provide a unique setting for players to develop both individual and group friendships that can last for many years. These bonds can become instrumental in a child’s development both on and off the field.

Why come to camp as a group/team?

  • Tactical training as well as technical
  • Team building experience (great for newly formed teams)
  • Customized Programs
  • Curriculum adapted to suit the level of the players
  • Group Discounts and Incentives

Brit-Am Goalkeeper School welcomes goalkeepers of all levels. Keepers will train with a professional Brit-Am goalkeeper coach. The players will get up to 90 minutes of intensive goalkeeper skills and techniques training and 90 minutes of footskills training with the outfield players. We provide a curriculum for all age groups and abilities to ensure your child gets the most out of his or her time with the goalkeeper coach and other goalkeepers. Keepers will cover topics ranging from but not limited to stance, footwork, basic shot stopping and handling, diving, distribution and passbacks, 1 v 1’s and positioning. All keepers will be shown exercises they can do on their own and will receive a personalized player evaluation at the end of the clinic or camp.

Aspects Covered:

  • Footwork Balance & Positioning
  • Shot Stopping
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Diving for saves, deflections and level’s
  • Kicking and distribution
  • Decision making and communications

The Brit-Am  Advanced Goalkeeper Camp is aimed at players in eighth grade and above who are looking to prepare for the upcoming fall or high school soccer season. Keepers will train from 9 am to noon each day with a qualified, professional Brit-Am Goalkeeper School trainer.

The advanced camp starts each day with a complete dynamic warm-up followed by a technical warm-up where the keepers will  be using primarily their feet. From there they will go into handling and then onto the day’s topics which will center around the more refined points of the position. Throughout the week, coaches will cover tipping and deflecting, communication, dealing with crosses, set pieces and distribution. Additionally, keepers will receive plenty of touches and reinforcement of their basic goalkeeper skills such as shot-stopping, diving, footwork, angles and 1-v-1s.

The coaches will also hold classroom sessions where keepers can watch video and break down the position.

All keepers will receive a personalized player evaluation at the end of the week.

This camp is for HS Aged athletes who want to get ready for the upcoming season. The program will focus on both soccer training and fitness so that players will get the most out of their bodies by building better training habits.
Each session will focus on improving core strength, sprinting technique, balance, coordination, explosiveness and agility. Any athlete that attends these sessions will see an improvement in their physical performance, confidence and mental toughness.
Players will work on their technique, individual and small group tactics, decision making, mental toughness and physical attributes. Players will see an improve in their ability to play in tight spaces, under pressure and to work quickly with and without the ball.

Summer Camp Location Information

Address: 8821 River Road, Bethesda MD 20817

Extended Care is available through the Summer at Norwood School. To register for care before and/or after the Brit-Am camp, please visit and click on the “Register Now” tab, selecting the appropriate program during the registration process.

Indoor back up available in the case of inclement weather.

5511 Massachusetts Ave, Bethesda, MD 20816