Due to the pandemic, all players will be required to  wear masks during all sessions!!

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Brit-Am Soccer offers SoccerFit — a program that is designed to keep your child active during the winter months! The SoccerFit program is a fun exercise and soccer program aimed at the physical development of children between Kindergarten and 3rd grade. The program features a combination of individual fitness activities, as well as fun soccer activities to help improve players’ overall athleticism. Our coaches will implement a focus on running, jumping, hopping, changing direction, and basic ball skills using a variety of equipment such as ladders, cones, hurdles and of course, soccer balls. From beginner to highly experienced players, SoccerFit is open to children of all levels of soccer skill. 

Grade K-1Bethesda6/wks$150Register
Grade 2-3Bethesda6/wks$150Register

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