Speed, Agility & Quickness Training

Brit-Am Soccer Academy is at the forefront of online player development and safe social distancing training platforms.  Due to current restrictions regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, online and safe outdoor social distancing training options are available.

Please click “contact” us at info@brit-am.com for more information. 

These sessions are for athletes age 9 to 18 who want to get the most out of their bodies by building better training habits. Each session will focus on improving core strength, sprinting technique, balance, coordination, explosiveness and agility.

“Blaine is an outstanding strength and conditioning coach. Under his expert guidance, my son became a fast and strong MSI Classics Division 1 soccer player. Blaine also played a crucial role as Nick transitioned to powerlifting and high school football. In just eight months, Blaine coached Nick to two state records in powerlifting. I am most impressed that Blaine teaches athletes to use variety and great technique so they get strong and avoid injury. I highly recommend Blaine to anyone that wants to work out the right way.” – Dave H.

Training Options

Outdoor: 1-3 Sessions (1 Player)
$90 per outdoor session /
    Outdoor: 4-6 Sessions (1 Player)
    $75 per outdoor session /

      *Sessions must be completed within 1 month of payment.
      Options can’t be combined for price reductions.

      • Running and Sprint Technique Assessment/Corrective Strategies/Preventative Counsel
      • Balanced/Functional Bodyweight Exercises for most efficient skill transfer to sport
      • “Core” education, understanding of, awareness during movement, and training of
      • Occurrences of Injury, how to prevent, avoid those situations
      • Understanding and Application of Warming-Up, Train/Compete, Warm-down Cycle
      • Balance of Training for Sport, Own Health, Team