Individual, Group, & Team Training Options

Brit-Am Soccer Academy is at the forefront of online player development and safe social distancing training platforms.  Due to current restrictions regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, online and safe outdoor social distancing training options are available for individuals, small groups (2-5 players) and large group (6-12 players) 

Please click “contact” us at for more information. 

The Brit-Am Soccer Academy staff are available to provide custom field player, goalkeeping, fitness, small group, and team training program year-round.

Our professional coaching staff comprised of former club, collegiate, and pro players will travel to your chosen location for each session with detailed practice plans aimed at improving your player and group technical, tactical, physical, and mental components of the game.  Whether it’s a Classic team or a travel team, we have the staff to work with all ages and levels of play for all players.