Potomac Soccer and Brit-Am Soccer Academy K-1st Grade development program provides boys and girls in Kindergarten & 1st grade the opportunity to develop their physical and technical skills under the guidance of professional licensed soccer coaches with a strong playing background.

Our program is designed for players to grow a passion and love for the game while keeping them engaged and challenged. Our activities are designed to mirror the game and the challenges that come with a match. Through our guided discovery our players will be allowed to learn the principals of play and familiarize themselves with the rules of soccer. These sessions are appropriate for returning Brit-Am players looking to continue with professional coaching, recreational players looking for professional training to supplement the parent-led recreational programs and children new to the sport who demonstrate an strong interest in the game.

How To Join and Create Your Own Team

Join one of our existing programs (above) or bring your own team of neighborhood, school, or group of friends by contacting Coach Gus at

Weekday Practice Format

Teams practice once a week for 60 minutes under the guidance of our trained, licensed, and professional staff.

Practices are composed of fun, engaging, and dynamic games that build on top of another and allows players to develop soccer skills while having fun.

Players will be developed under a guided discovery program that allows players to learn and enhance their basic soccer skills and understanding of the game.

Match Day Format

On Saturdays or Sundays (Choice made at registration), teams play a continuous match (game).

These matches will provide opportunities to apply and develop the skill, understanding of defending and attacking principals, and allow the player the opportunity to do all this while playing with friends and under the guidance of our licensed and professional Coaching Staff.

Players will be taught basic soccer rules and learn good sportsmanship at match.

Potomac Soccer U7/U8 Academy Program

At the conclusion of the season, players will have the opportunity to explore the Potomac Soccer Association U7/U8 development program to further enhance their abilities.