Brit-Am High School Camps

We’re sorry to see the Summer Season go, but fear not, Fall and Winter programs are coming.

This camp is for HS Aged athletes who want to get ready for the upcoming season. The program will focus on both soccer training and fitness so that players will get the most out of their bodies by building better training habits.


Each session will focus on improving core strength, sprinting technique, balance, coordination, explosiveness and agility. Any athlete that attends these sessions will see an improvement in their physical performance, confidence and mental toughness.


Players will get to work on their technique, individual and small group tactics, decision making, mental toughness and physical attributes. Players will see an improvement in their ability to play in tight spaces, handle the ball under pressure and transition quickly with and without the ball.

Goalkeepers attending the high school prep camp will get up to 90 minutes of goalkeeper-specific training each day with a professional goalkeeper coach. Keepers will also work in with field players for tactical sessions, shooting and fitness. This comprehensive, week-long camp will help provide goalkeepers with the tools needed to arrive prepared for high school tryouts.