Due to the pandemic, we will be using a “non-contact” curriculum to keep the players socially distant while still having fun!

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Striker Clinic Description

Our Brit-Am Striker clinic has been modified to maximize your player’s ability to learn and apply foundational attacking soccer abilities in a safe and fun environment that adheres to safe social distancing norms. These clinics are a great way for players to develop the tools necessary for playing in the attacking third. Our staff of professional and licensed coaches will provide the players an opportunity to develop their shooting, finishing, 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 moves, first touch and passing. The skills learned in this clinic will translate to all positions on the field and give players more confidence as they further their development.

Over the course of this session, players will explore the many ways to create and finish scoring opportunities by developing their skills, athleticism, creativity and understanding of attacking concepts.

Sports Performance Training

These training sessions are for players who want to get the most out of their bodies by building better training habits. Each session will focus on improving core strength, balance, coordination, explosiveness, and agility. Any athlete that attends these sessions will see an improvement in their physical performance, confidence, and mental toughness.  The program’s training methodology and curriculum have been adjusted to keep players engaged in our safe, challenging, and fun program.  

Skills covered during this class:

  • Understanding and Application of Warming-Up, Train/Compete, Warm-down Cycle
  • Speed & Agility footwork exercises for changes of direction and better athletic performance
  • Balanced/Functional bodyweight and resistance exercises for most efficient skill transfer to sport
  • “Core” education, understanding of, awareness during movement, and training of
  • Balance of Training for Sport, Own Health

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