Tots Classes

Brit-Am Tots Soccer classes are held outdoors throughout the year at a location and time that is convenient for your group; groups meet once a week each season. Brit-Am Tots classes are organized by a parent coordinator who wants to create a group for their child and their classmates or neighborhood friends. We provide experienced coaches who are passionate about soccer and the opportunity to introduce or train your children in the age appropriate level of soccer best suited to them.

K-3rd Classes

This program is the next progression from the Tots program but still keeps some of the great benefits, we come to you, your time your location. The parent that creates the class can receive theirs for free. The curriculum is now focused on skills and more scrimmage time as the kids are ready to play the real game.

4th – 8th Grade Classes

The program is an action-packed class that develops soccer skills and fitness. The sessions will be interactive and challenging & combine ball mastery skills with fitness aspects built into each phase of the class. Our most experienced staff will lead each session and make this program a lot of fun but also very rewarding.

Soccer Conditioning Agenda

  • Understanding and Application of Warming-Up, Train to Compete & the Warm-down Cycle
  • Balanced/Functional Bodyweight Exercises for most efficient skill transfer to soccer
    “Core” education, understanding of, awareness during movement, and training of
  • Speed & Agility footwork exercises for changes of direction and better athletic performance

Ball Mastery Agenda

  • Multiple Touches
  • First Touch
  • Ball Control
  • Passing
  • Foot & Eye Coordination
  • Ability to manipulate the ball
  • 1v1 moves
  • Turns

How To Create a Class

  1. Complete the booking form by clicking on one of the buttons below.
  2. Once we receive the form, we will contact you and complete the registration set up. Your group will have their own link that will allow each player to register.
  3. To Register, each family will have to create their own account. Next they will have to add the name and information of the player for whom they will be making the reservation. Finally, they will make the new reservation for the player and make the payment.

*Creating a Class in the Winter? Please reserve an indoor location for the number of weeks you want the class to run for before completing the Booking Form.

Need Help With Registration?

I’m looking for an open class

Open Registration classes with space available for children to join are listed under the “Open Registration” listing. If you find a class you want to join, proceed through the red “registering” links to set up an account. Be sure to add your child to your account. Select the child’s name, then make new reservation to find the listing of class and complete the registration.

*We do not pro-rate the cost of classes.

I’ve been invited to join a class

If you have been invited to join a group, please click on “REGISTRATION” located on the main menu and continue to the registration program where you can enter your existing account information or create a new account. Be sure to add your child to your account. Select the child’s name, then “make new reservation” to find the listing of classes and complete the registration for the class with the name of the parent coordinator who invited you.

*Please do not register for a “Private Group – Registration by Invite Only” group unless the parent coordinator has invited you.