The Tots & Toddlers Soccer Mission

Tots classes are an excellent way to keep children active, engaged and outside during a time when screen time is a part of the new normal. Players will build essential soccer skills such as dribbling, kicking and changes of direction, through a wide range of imagination based activities that inspire a love for soccer. Our highly motivated, enthusiastic and professionally licensed staff brings the Brit-Am curriculum and games to life in an enjoyable learning environment for children who wish to play soccer year round! This class is suitable for children of any skill level from those that are new to soccer to those who have participated in a class previously.


Learn, laugh, play, and grow this season! Larry and his friends are ready to kick, jump, and score with your player in our fun and interactive soccer class!


2 – 5 years





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DayLocationTimeAgeStart Date# of WeeksFeeRegister
SaturdayBethesda ES9:00 AMAge 29/108$200Register
SaturdayWestland MS9:00 AMAge 29/108$200Register
SaturdayPotomac Comm Ctr.9:45 AMAge 29/108$200Register
SaturdayBethesda ES9:00 AMAge 39/108$200Register
SaturdayBethesda ES10:30 AMAge 39/108$200Register
SaturdayPotomac Comm Ctr.10:30 AMAge 39/108$200Register
SaturdayWestland MS9:00 AMAge 39/108$200Register
SaturdayBethesda ES9:45 AMAge 49/108$200Register
SaturdayPotomac Comm Ctr.11:15 AMAge 49/108$200Register
SaturdayBethesda ES10:30 AMAge 4 - 5 1/29/108$200Register
SaturdayWestland MS9:45 AMAge 4 - 5 1/29/108$200Register
SaturdayWestland MS10:30 AMAge 4 - 5 1/29/108$200Register
SundayNorwood Park9:00 AMAge 29/118$200Register
SundayWestland MS field9:00 AMAge 29/118$200Register
SundayNorwood Park9:00 AMAge 39/118$200Register
SundayWestland MS field9:45 AMAge 39/118$200Register
SundayWestland MS field10:30 AMAge 4 - 5 1/29/118$200Register

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