Learning the fundamentals of the game in game-like situations. Understanding the purpose and structure of the game, direction of play, and basic rules.


Our proven curriculum of games will help players develop their own creativity, self confidence and overall technical abilities.


4.5 – 8


Summer & Fall



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The Player Development League Mission

The PDL program combines the technical training players need for development along with the fun and engaging environment players need to develop a passion for the game. Players learn most from engaging in technically based games where they can apply what they have learned in game like situations. Our proven curriculum of games will help players develop their own creativity, self confidence and overall technical abilities.

SeasonDayTimeLocationAge/GradeClass Type# of WeeksStart DateFeeRegister
FallTuesday5:00 PMNorwood ParkAge 4.8 - 5Dribblers69/6$150Register
FallTuesday5:00 PMNorwood ParkKKickers69/6$150Register
FallTuesday6:00 PMNorwood Park1stKickers69/6$150Register
FallTuesday6:00 PMNorwood Park2nd/3rdBallers69/6$150Register
FallWednesday5:00 PMPotomac CCAge 4.8 - 5Dribblers69/7$150Register
FallWednesday5:00 PMPotomac CCKKickers69/7$150Register
FallWednesday6:00 PMPotomac CC1stKickers69/7$150Register
FallWednesday6:00 PMPotomac CC2nd/3rdBallers69/7$150Register
FallThursday3:30 PMJDSPreK-4thAfter School109/8$270COMING SOON
FallThursday5:00 PMNorwood ParkAge 4.8 - 5Dribblers69/8$150Register
FallThursday5:00 PMNorwood ParkKDribblers69/8$150Register
FallThursday6:00 PMNorwood Park1stKickers69/8$150Register
FallThursday6:00 PMNorwood Park2nd/3rdBallers69/8$150Register
FallSaturday2 - 4 PM (TBD)Norwood SchoolAge 4.8 - 5Dribblers69/10$205Register
FallSaturday2 - 4 PM (TBD)Norwood SchoolK/1stKickers69/10$205Register
FallSaturday2 - 4 PM (TBD)Norwood School2nd/3rdBallers69/10$205Register
FallSunday2 - 5 PM (TBD)Landon SchoolAge 4.8 - 5Dribblers69/11$205Register
FallSunday2 - 5 PM (TBD)Landon SchoolK/1stKickers69/11$205Register
FallSunday2 - 5 PM (TBD)Landon School2nd/3rdBallers69/11$205Register

Players missing the cutoff with prior Brit-Am experience who would like to join should email CoachTom@brit-am.com for consideration.


What is the Player Development League (PDL)?

The Player Development League (PDL) serves as the premier development program for children Age 4 through 3rd grade in the Bethesda, Rockville and Potomac area and is your players first step in the Potomac Soccer player development program. Through our professionally licensed coaching staff, we offer players a top quality curriculum through age appropriate, fun and challenging games. Our mission is to provide players with the foundational skills needed in order to grow their self confidence.

Summer PDL Overview

Our Summer program combines our traditional class format with the spirit of our Match Day Program. Summer classes will consist of two parts:

  1. Activities that emphasize our weekly curriculum topic
  2. Scrimmage (to apply the skills and ideas from the first half of each class!)

Like all other seasons we will continue to emphasize ball control, dribbling, ball striking, foot and eye coordination, ball manipulation, 1v1 skills, turns and change of direction moves, balance and coordination.

Summer Dribblers (Age 4.8 – 5)

The 4 and 5 year old player will experience physical discovery by running with the ball, balance, and coordination. Each player will see significant time with the ball, developing a comfort level with every touch! Having fun, and playing with friends is a great way to develop a love for the game of soccer!

Summer Kickers (Grade K/1)

The PDL Kickers program builds on the concepts learned in the 4&5 year old program.  The K-1st player will improve their individual foot skills, ball control, awareness, direction of play, and basic attacking concepts. Each activity is designed to maximize time on the ball, as well as learning to make decisions with the soccer ball!

Summer Ballers (Grade 2/3)

Building on the concepts in the K-1st program, the 2nd/3rd grade “Ballers” program helps to advance their ball mastery, basic attacking and defending concepts, passing and receiving, spatial awareness, shooting, and decision-making with and without the ball. This program is designed to prepare the player for the travel, classic, or recreation team-based environment.

Fall 2022

Fall PDL: Practice vs. Match Day

What are Practice Days?

Our PDL coaching staff provide players with an environment that is both fun and competitive, allowing them to advance their game in a focused setting, where we implement a proven, age-appropriate curriculum for 4-8 year olds that will focus on improving: 

  • Dribbling
  • First touch and ball control
  • Foot and eye coordination 
  • Ball manipulation 
  • 1v1 skills
  • Turns and change of direction moves
  • Juggling
  • Trickery
  • Fitness, balance, and agility

These sessions are organized by our most in-demand professional coaches, who are licensed, experienced across multiple age groups, and have acquired an understanding of not only the game, but of teaching and developing players. Our staff takes great pride in the effort to build and foster a foundation of skills, confidence and passion for the game. 


What is the Match Day Experience?

Our Player Development League (PDL) allows players to compete in friendly matches against groups and teams from other local schools in their area. Teams will be coordinated and set up by school, gender and grade, and each team is guaranteed 5 games per season (Fall/Spring). Results are not posted or scores tracked. Brit-Am Coaches referee the match ups and use active in-game coaching to guide & teach the players. Our goal is to create an environment that is fun, educational and challenging while also preparing players for Classic or Travel League action as they grow.

Dribblers (Age 4.8 – 5) Match Day Format: Our PDL Dribblers program is the first step our young players take in learning the game of soccer through the PDL pathway. The program is an introduction to small-sided soccer games in a 3v3 format (no goalies) — designed to create an understanding of the game, the rules, and to allow the players to maximize time with the ball at their feet, resulting in more touches on the ball. With the guidance of our coaching staff, your player will have a blast dribbling, passing, shooting, and scoring!

Kickers (K-1st) Match Day Format: Our PDL Kickers offers soccer education at its best in a positive, fun environment where players improve their skill during continuous play. The 4 v 4 format (no goalies) accelerates development of  attacking and defending concepts by teaching dribbling, turning, tackling, and scoring abilities as it provides a basic picture for players to learn the game. Our professional staff takes the necessary steps to ensure each game fits the players’ needs, ultimately leading to better game intelligence and understanding.

Ballers (2nd-3rd Grade) Match Day Format: Our PDL Ballers provides players a fun environment with coaches focused on building a strong technical foundation. These five-a-side games (5v5 format), first used as a developmental tool in the UK, feature four field players and a goalkeeper. This style is simple, yet allows for players to gain experience through realistic, game-like situations. Along with a basic introduction to goalkeeping, the five-a-side format results in consistent touches on the ball and a fundamental understanding of the principles of attack, defense & transition with the guidance of our professional coaching staff.

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