Brit-Am Soccer Academy Player Development League (PDL) in Bethesda and Potomac, Maryland

The Player Development League (PDL) serves as the premier program for kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade soccer players (ages 5 – 9) in Bethesda and Potomac, Maryland. The progression into our PDL program serves as the next step within our player pathway, which combines the technical training needed for development along with a fun and engaging environment players love.

Led by our professionally licensed coaching staff, our top-quality curriculum offers age-appropriate, fun, and challenging practice days and game day matches. These offerings provide soccer training for five, six, seven, eight, and nine-year-olds to help them learn the sport, be confident in their abilities, and grow on and off the field. 

Our staff takes great pride in building and fostering a foundation of skills, confidence, and passion for the game. 

Continue reading to find out when our Player Development League for youth soccer players is offered and how practices and game day matches are designed to help children thrive in the sport. 


Our Player Development League is a premier youth soccer league in Montgomery County, Maryland. Kindergarten soccer, 1st grade soccer, 2nd grade soccer, and 3rd grade soccer players can join to get the foundation they need to learn and enjoy the sport.


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The Player Development League Schedule

PDL soccer classes will run in the Potomac and Bethesda, Maryland area at either a school or park field.

SeasonDayStart TimeCityLocationClass TypeAge/Grade# of WeeksStart DateFeeRegister
SummerTuesday5:00 PMNorth BethesdaFernwood LPPDL PracticeK/1st46/25$125Register
SummerTuesday6:00 PMNorth BethesdaFernwood LPPDL Practice2nd/3rd46/25$125Register
SummerWednesday5:00 PMNorth BethesdaFernwood LPPDL PracticeK/1st46/26$125Register
SummerWednesday6:00 PMNorth BethesdaFernwood LPPDL Practice2nd/3rd46/26$125Register
SummerSaturday10:30 AMBethesdaWestland MSPDL PracticeGrade K57/13$150Register
SummerSaturday10:30 AMBethesdaWestland MSPDL PracticeGrade 157/13$150Register
SummerSaturday10:30 AMPotomacFalls RoadPDL PracticeK/1st57/13$150Register
SummerSunday10:30 AMBethesdaNorwood ParkPDL PracticeGrade K57/14$150Register
SummerSunday10:30 AMBethesdaNorwood ParkPDL PracticeGrade 157/14$150Register
FallTuesday5:00 PMBethesdaNorwood ParkPre-PDL DribblersAge 4.5 - 569/3$150Register
FallTuesday5:00 PMBethesdaNorwood ParkPDL PracticeK/1st69/3$150Register
FallTuesday5:00 PMBethesdaNorwood ParkPDL Practice2nd/3rd69/3$150Register
FallWednesday5:00 PMPotomacPotomac Area TBDPre-PDL DribblersAge 4.5 - 569/4$150Register
FallWednesday5:00 PMPotomacPotomac Area TBDPDL PracticeK/1st69/4$150Register
FallWednesday5:00 PMPotomacPotomac Area TBDPDL Practice2nd/3rd69/4$150Register
FallThursday5:00 PMBethesdaNorwood ParkPre-PDL DribblersAge 4.5 - 569/5$150Register
FallThursday5:00 PMBethesdaNorwood ParkPDL PracticeK/1st69/5$150Register
FallThursday5:00 PMBethesdaNorwood ParkPDL Practice2nd/3rd69/5$150Register
FallSaturday2 - 4 PM TBDPotomacNorwood School TentativePDL Match DayK/1st69/7$215Register
FallSaturday2 - 4 PM TBDPotomacNorwood School TentativePDL Match Day2nd/3rd69/7$215Register
FallSunday2 - 4 PM TBDBethesdaBethesda Area TBDPDL Match DayK/1st69/8$215Register
FallSunday2 - 4 PM TBDBethesdaBethesda Area TBDPDL Match Day2nd/3rd69/8$215Register

*Fall: $30 Multi-Program Discount + $25 Early Bird Match Day Discount (Ends August 2)* 

Players missing the cutoff with prior Brit-Am experience who would like to join should email for consideration.

Player Development League Practice and Match Day Information

Player Development League Practice Day

Our PDL practices implement a proven, age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on improving: 

  • Dribbling
  • First touch and ball control
  • Foot and eye coordination 
  • Ball manipulation 
  • 1v1 skills
  • Turns and changes in direction moves
  • Juggling
  • Trickery
  • Fitness, balance, and agility

Player Development League Match Day (Spring + Fall ONLY)

The playing environment is created with an emphasis on each player’s progression and enjoyment with the main focus is learning how to play the game and not the final score. Results from these matches are not posted and scores are not tracked. 

The matches are against groups and teams from other local schools in the area. The teams are coordinated and organized by school, gender, and grade. Each team is guaranteed 6 games per season (Fall/Spring). 

On Match Day, players will take what they learned in practice and apply those skills to real game-like situations through our age-appropriate playing formats:

  • Advanced Pre-K Dribblers – Spring Only: 4 v 4
  • K/1st Kickers: 4 v 4 
  • 2nd/3rd Grade Ballers: 6 v 6 (5 v 5 plus goalkeepers)

Brit-Am Coaches referee the match ups and use active in-game coaching to guide & teach the players the rules of the ‘real game’. Technical training (skills) will be taught during practices but not during the Match Day experience. Our goal is to create an environment that is fun, educational, and challenging while also preparing players for Classic or Travel League action as they grow.

Match Day Format: Our PDL Dribblers (Spring Only), Kickers & Ballers program offers soccer education at its best in a positive, fun environment where players improve their skill during continuous play. For the Dribblers and Kickers the 4 v 4 format (no goalies)  accelerates the development of attacking and defending concepts by encouraging dribbling, turning, stealing the ball and scoring goals along with a basic introduction to goalkeeping. This format provides a simple picture for players to learn the game and allows for players to gain experience through realistic, game-like situations.

For the Ballers program, as they continue on their development pathway, with the 6 v 6 format they will get to experience a larger field size (40×30 yards) with goalies and larger goals to prepare them for an expanded format in the years to come. This natural progression will allow for an introduction to positions, team organization, and restart procedures (throw-ins, goal kicks, corner kicks, free kicks), while still encouraging them to be creative, take risks, and build upon the ideas and fundamentals learned in the younger age groups.

Our professional staff takes the necessary steps to ensure each game fits the players’ needs, ultimately leading to better game intelligence and understanding.

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