About Brit-Am All Stars Academy

Brit-Am Soccer Academy offers soccer training in Montgomery County, Maryland to help players ages 7-15 thrive in MSI Classic League’s competitive environment. Players in the U7/8 teams will compete in either SAM SELECT or EDP Futures.

Why Should You Join the All Stars Academy?

For players who are ready for a higher level of competition than recreational leagues, the MSI Classic League, SAM Select and EDP Futures are the next step in a player’s progression before moving to travel (premier) soccer.

The logistics of travel soccer can be too demanding for some families as games can be up to a two-hour drive away. The leagues we play in (U7/U8-U15) offer soccer games in Montgomery County, easing any commute worries.

Train With A Top-Tier Soccer Academy in Montgomery County, Maryland

  • Elite and licensed soccer coaches
    All Brit-Am soccer coaches are licensed professionals certified by U.S. Soccer governing bodies such as NSCAA and USSF. All coaches are overseen by the Director of Coaching with ongoing reviews and support.


  • An age-appropriate training curriculum
    The training curriculum is established by the technical director of Brit-Am Soccer Academy.


  • Year-round soccer training
    Training is offered year-round to help soccer players stay motivated and educated about the sport and improve their confidence and skills.


  • Long-term player development
    Training focuses on long-term player development, allowing soccer players to learn, grow, and excel in the sport.


  • Dedicated goalkeeper training sessions
    Goalkeeper training sessions are offered in the Spring, Fall, and Winter for keepers who are looking to gain more confidence in the net and enhance their agility, diving, punting, passing, and throwing skills.


  • Pre-Season Team Camp
    Pre-season camps are a great way for soccer players to perfect their conditioning, agility, and ball-handling skills and prepare for the season ahead with their teammates.

What To Know About The Brit-Am All Stars Academy

All interested soccer players must go through the tryout process to be considered. If you missed the tryouts, but would like to be considered for a team, please email us at allstars@brit-am.com.

Continue reading to learn how your child can take their soccer game to the next level and the benefits of the Brit-Am All Stars Academy. 

Our Mission

The Brit-Am All Stars Academy was established for the specific purpose of developing a player’s first youth soccer program. Our goals are to achieve a transparent long-term development process in which players of all levels can grow as individuals and as soccer players. The Academy now takes pride in having a program that develops players for elite travel programs and assists them in pursuing a long and enjoyable soccer journey at levels of the game. By placing emphasis on player development first, developing great coaches, providing them with support as an organization, and operating with maximum administrative efficiency, the All Stars Academy is a fantastic place to grow.

Guiding Values

The Brit-Am All Stars Academy aims to develop and retain preeminent coaches for all of our players. The club also provides coaching education through workshops, conventions, private mentoring, ongoing education, and licensing. Our dedication to coach education ensures that as an Academy, our staff is up to date with modern training methodology, best practices, and curriculum application for all of our players.

Culture & Conduct

Our players, parents, and coaches’ code of conduct provides the academy with clear principles and information that help our community understand and embrace our culture and values. With clear and consistent guidelines, the atmosphere we strive for in the academy is embraced by all of our members each day.

Team & Player Programs

Our academy teams compete in local youth outdoor soccer leagues as well as local soccer tournaments within the appropriate level of skill to ensure a balanced competition, which helps develop better long-term developmental goals. The academy also provides our players with specialized position and skill training for all players. This training, along with support from a dedicated Academy Goalkeeping Coach, and Academy Strength and Conditioning Coach to help our players reach their soccer goals through individual and team development.

Administrative Staff

The Brit-Am Soccer All Stars Academy program seeks to make the on and off-the-field benefits of the game available to all children. The Academy’s operations are managed by the All Stars Academy administrative staff and a group of dedicated coaches. The Academy also has a parent volunteer to be a manager and a team treasurer who helps organize the team’s game and travel logistics.

Our Soccer Community

It is the positive supportive role that our parents play in helping us build a successful development environment for their child.  That makes the foundation for our training methodology to succeed.  Therefore, we consistently communicate our objectives with our community.  The growth of each player is always being carefully monitored and training is always adjusted to meet each player and team’s needs.

To maximize the development potential of a young soccer player, parents are expected to:

  • Encourage the player’s efforts and support the player’s at ALL times.
  • No coaching from sidelines – coaches will provide guidance, parents will provide positive energy.
  • Always exemplify excellent sideline behavior – every member of our Academy will at all times display great sportsmanship worthy of being role models for our players and community.


The academy program provides the developmental bridge between recreational soccer and competitive soccer. Our All-Star academy teams participate in the MSI Classic Soccer League and tournaments. These provide the competition your player needs to pursue their long-term soccer goals.

Technical – Core Skills

  • Ball Skills
  • Passing/Receiving
  • 1v1 Attacking and Defending

Tactical – Simple Game Concepts

  • Reading the Game
  • Decision Making
  • Team Playing Shape

Mental – Mind-set of a young player

  • Self-confidence
  • Will to compete
  • Discipline (good practice habits)

Physical – Foundation of a young athlete

  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Acceleration

Interested in joining?

Tryouts are once a year. Make sure not to miss them!

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