LocationGradeDayDate#/wksTime CostRegister
Wood Acres ESK-1Mon5/4 - 6/86/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Wood Acres ES2-3Mon5/4 - 6/86/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Wayside ESK-1Tue5/5 - 6/96/wks4:00 PM$120Register
Wayside ES2-3Tue5/5 - 6/96/wks4:00 PM$120Register
Seven Locks ESK-1Tue5/5 - 6/96/wks4:00 PM$120Register
Seven Locks ES2-3Tue5/5 - 6/96/wks4:00 PM$120Register
Bannockburn ES - IndoorK-1Wed5/6 - 6/1011/wks3:50 PM$240Register
Bannockburn ES - Indoor2-3Wed5/6 - 6/1011/wks3:50 PM$240Register
Westbrook ESK-1Wed5/6 - 6/106/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Westbrook ES2-3Wed5/6 - 6/106/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Beverly Farms ESK-1Thu5/7 - 6/116/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Beverly Farms ES2-3Thu5/7 - 6/116/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Wyngate ESK-1Thu5/7 - 6/116/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Wyngate ES2-3Thu5/7 - 6/116/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Burning Tree ES - Indoor2-3Fri5/8 - 6/126/wks4:00 PM$120Register
Burning Tree ES - IndoorK-1Fri5/8 - 6/126/wks4:00 PM$120Register
Bethesda ESK-1Fri5/8 - 6/126/wks3:30 PM$120Register
Bethesda ES2-3Fri5/8 - 6/126/wks3:30 PM$120Register

The goal of our after-school programs is to work with school and community leaders in our area to provide a fun, unique, and dynamic soccer experience for all children at their school.

We work together to customize our program to fit your school and group needs, tier the program to comply with school policies, provide coaching staff, payments, communication, dismissal and pick-up of players at the of class.

If you would like to set up a class, please email, and we can help build the program that works for you. We will then be able to promote, secure field space, and amazing coaches for your players.

Via engaging and fun games, players will receive hands-on guidance from our coaching staff, comprised of former pro, and collegiate players who are now licensed through the US Soccer.

Winter After School Program

Brit-Am and Potomac Soccer’s winter after school program is perfect for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade looking to continue their soccer development, keep active and have fun during the winter. This program features a variety of fun soccer activities to help improve players’ skill with the ball, knowledge of the game, athleticism, self-confidence and coordination. Coaches focus on techniques such as dribbling, shooting and ball control through age appropriate games both with and without the ball. Coaches will guide the players as they progress through this program to ensure they are continually learning new skills, techniques and the rules of the game.