Fall Tots, PDL, Private Groups and All Star Teams are Underway!

Dear Soccer Families,

We are grateful to be back on the field coaching our small groups and teams this Fall. Our Fall Programs incorporate all the necessary group size guidelines and safety protocols in place as indicated by our county, our facility hosts and Maryland State Youth Soccer. Spaces are limited and those programs with openings are listed on our website and through our registration system. We are hosting many small groups so please reach out if you would like more info about getting a group together. Many families are participating through the use of their program credits from the spring season.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our coaches, parent organizers, team parents, families and of course our players for helping us keep the love of soccer ongoing through the Covid-19 pandemic. As a locally owned business for over 20 years, we are strong, united, and capable of overcoming odds that seem insurmountable at times. Having the privilege to be part of your child’s soccer journey and taking joy in each step they take towards becoming a stronger individual and player is why we know that we will remain united as club, community, and nation through all challenges that this crisis may bring.

As we prepare for the fall season, we are offering Small group programs that can be customized to the new schedules we will all be incorporating into our daily lives. Our professional coaches are available weekday hours, in addition to the traditional after school and weekend hours. We look forward to playing a small part in helping your children enjoy some outdoor fun with their friends along with some great exercise during the fall.


Programs offer flexible options for your child, friends or teammates.

Let us organize a class for your child and up to 8 of his or her classmates or neighborhood friends.