Upcoming Tryouts

Open Tryouts for the the 2017-2018 Season will begin in late May, Early June of 2017. If you would like to tryout for one of our teams during the 2016-2017 Season please contact the team coach directly.

Brit-Am Soccer offers teams that compete in the MSI Classic League.  We are always looking to add skilled and passionate players to our All Star Academy teams.  A list of teams competing for the 2016/17 season is below. For tryout dates/locations/times and to register, please see the Tryout Dates/Register Here link.

Teams for Fall 2016

Limited space available on some teams. Please contact the coach listed below for Summer soccer tryouts.


All-Stars Arsenal (Coach Matias) U9 8/1/2007-7/31/2008 COACH MATIAS
All-Stars Leicester (Coach Toti) U10 8/1/2006-7/31/2007 COACH TOTI
All-Stars Liverpool (Coach Matt/Gus) U10 8/1/2006-7/31/2007 COACH GUS
All-Stars Gunners (Coach Matias) U11 8/1/2005-7/31/2006 COACH MATIAS
All-Stars Xeneizes (Coach Toti) U11 8/1/2005-7/31/2006 COACH TOTI
All-Stars Chelsea (Coach John) U12 8/1/2004-7/31/2005 COACH JOHN
All-Stars Inter (Coach Rob) U12 8/1/2004-7/31/2005 COACH ROB
All-Stars Villa (Coach Dave) U13 8/1/2003-7/31/2004 COACH DAVE
All-Stars Internazionales (Coach Rob) U14 8/1/2002-7/31/2003 COACH ROB
All-Stars Xenienzes (Coach Matias) U14 8/1/2002-7/31/2003 COACH MATIAS
All-Stars Boca Juniors (Coach Matias) U15 8/1/2001-7/31/2002 COACH MATIAS


All-Stars Sparks (Coach Gus) U10 8/1/2006-7/31/2007 COACH GUS
All-Stasr Freedom (Coach Chris) U11 8/1/2005-7/31/2006 COACH CHRIS
All-Stars Spirit (Coach John) U11 8/1/2005-7/31/2006 COACH JOHN
All-Stars Lions (Coach Dave) U12 8/1/2004-7/31/2005 COACH DAVE
All-Stars Pride (Coach Chris) U13 8/1/2003-7/31/2004 COACH CHRIS

How to Join a Brit-Am Team

Players may join the All-Star Academy teams in one of three ways:

1) Successfully completing an MSI Classic Skills Evaluation, then attending the All-Star Academy team tryouts, and being selected by a Brit-Am coach.

2) being previously carded during the previous seasonal year to a team in ANOTHER Select league (OBSL, NCSL, WAGS) attending individual All-Star Academy team tryouts, and being selected by a Brit-Am coach; or

3) Attend All-Star Academy team tryouts and being selected by a Brit-Am coach to fill one of that team’s three wild card roster slots. (Each team has three wild cards it can use for players who did not register for a Classic Skills Evaluation or who did not successfully complete a Classic Skills Evaluation.)
*Click HERE to find the right Tryout Registration for your child.

*Official tryouts start at the end of the 2016 Spring season, if you would like to reach a coach for information about a particular team, please click HERE.

What should parents and players know when getting ready for soccer tryouts?