Due to the very rainy September, we have added some make up dates for those participating in the Player Development League who have been impacted:

Monday Potomac Community Center:

Monday make up on Saturday, October 20 from 1-2 pm at Greenbriar Park (just prior to Saturday Greenbriar games)
Session extended through Monday, October 29 at 5:15 PM

Tuesday Norwood Park:

Session extended through Tuesday, October 30 and a make up scheduled for Friday, October 5 and 12 at 6 PM

Saturday, Greenbriar Games:

Make up date for Saturdays at Greenbriar will be on October 27th at 2 PM

Sunday, Landon Games:

Make up date for Sundays at Landon School will be on October 28th at 2 PM

Register for the Player Development League

Grade KWinter PDL - IndoorBethesdaNext LevelSun11/18-2/1011:10 AM$265Register
Grade 1Winter PDL - IndoorBethesdaNext LevelSun11/18-2/1011:10 AM$265Register
Grade 2Winter PDL - IndoorBethesdaNext LevelSun11/18-2/1012:10 AM$265Register
Grade 3Winter PDL - IndoorBethesdaNext LevelSun11/18-2/1012:10 AM$265Register

All players enrolled in a weekly Brit-Am program for players K-3rd grade may also participate in our weekend match day for a fee of $35 per player. Due to the age range, players will be grouped by age and ability.

Our Player Development League (PDL) for kindergarten and 1st Grade offers soccer education at it’s best in a positive, fun environment where players improve their skill during continuous play. The 4 v 4 system accelerates development of dribbling, turning and passing abilities as it provides a basic picture for players to learn the game. Our professional staff takes the necessary steps to ensure each game fits the players’ needs, ultimately leading to better game intelligence and understanding.

Our Player Development League​ ​2nd-3rd Grade match day provides players a fun environment with coaches focused on building a strong technical foundation. These five-a-side games, first used as a developmental tool in the UK, feature four field players and a goalkeeper. This style is simple, yet allows for players to gain experience through realistic, game-like situations. Along with a basic introduction to goalkeeping, the five-a-side format results in consistent touches on the ball and a fundamental understanding of the principles of attack and defense with the guidance of our professional coaching staff.

Our program offers players of all levels a fun, technically-focused practice structure to keep players engaged. All activities are age-appropriate to foster technical growth, improve fitness, create awareness, develop flexibility on and off the ball, builds confidence and a love of the greatest game in the world.

Coordinator/Manager: All Game Day communication is managed by Brit-Am Staff.

Parents/Spectators: Please allow players to play the game with the freedom to make mistakes and learn. Be enthusiastic and friendly to everyone present – never critical. Be positive by focusing on the progress each player makes, not the result. We expect the parents help in creating a fun and positive environment by cheering and encouraging players. Parents must refrain from coaching their child during the game or becoming solely focused on the result.

Player(s): Should be on time and bring a size 3 ball, water bottle, shinguards, comfortable attire and cleats or tennis shoes to every match and practice.

Potomac and Brit-Am Soccer Academy Player Development League

Our Potomac and Brit-Am Soccer Academy Player Development League is our developmental program for players to enjoy and learn the game of soccer through fun and dynamic training. Success comes from the joy of playing soccer regardless of a player’s experience or ability. Our PDL program is rooted in small-sided games so players are assured a high frequency of touches on the ball and can achieve a basic understanding of their role within a team.

These sessions are perfect for returning Brit-Am players who are looking to continue with professional coaching, players who are new to the sport and demonstrate an interest in the game as well recreational players who are looking to supplement the parent-led programs

“Would you like to sign up a group of friends?” Bring your group to train and play with the best! Submit a WEEKDAY CLASS BOOKING FORM and join us for your choice of Match Day!

Why Potomac and Brit-Am Soccer Academy

The Player Development League  is a product of our fun, energetic, and educated staff and their desire help players of any level develop their technique and understanding of the game. Small-sided games allow us to cater to players’ needs, provide feedback, encourage players to take risks and try new things both with and without the ball. Over time this results in increased self confidence, a desire to work hard and a long-term love of the game.


What to expect from my child? Long-term success is built on the importance of being able to learn from failure and an environment free of unnecessary criticism. With higher anxiety levels, players become less efficient, so it is vital that we do not become another obstacle in our children’s success.

Understanding of the game for children at this age comes from playing the game. They do not compete as much as they imitate competition. Many will not remember the result, but they will never forget the experience so let’s make it the best one each week.

Much of their focus is solely on the ball and players rarely recognize open space. The concept of space is limited at this age so spreading out or forcing players to pass will be futile. Coaches will not be focusing on spacing or positions.

Over time, there will be moments to introduce and teach the basics of spacing and passing, but the players at this age will naturally react first and foremost to the ball.

What you should encourage? Please encourage your players to show respect, good sportsmanship, an eagerness to learn, and the importance of care for other players and officials.

What children expect from adults? We are to foster a fun, confident, and unique soccer environment where players can learn by doing. Children can expect all adults involved to be patient as they make their journey through the very early stages of the game. We want each child’s experience with soccer to be unique and for them to feel free to learn through guided and self-discovery.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Coach Gus at coachgus@brit-am.com

Brit-Am K-3rd Program Descriptions

Indoor Programs

The K-3rd grade indoor soccer programs are designed to build on the enthusiasm for the game the children have developed. They are now at an age where they can learn and master the basic soccer and teamwork skills that will serve as a foundation to their future development. On our state-of-the-art turf field, coaches use individual and team games to introduce the skills. Fun tag games develop speed agility and exposure to soccer skills including passing, dribbling and shooting games as well as 1v1 situations.The program finishes with a scrimmage at the end.

K-1st: The K-1st Indoor Skills Clinics are great for children who love playing the game and are ready for more instructional soccer during the Winter. These noncompetitive skills sessions are great for children who play in the Fall or Spring season and want to continue their soccer development. Our highly motivated and enthusiastic professionally licensed staff focus on activities that increase a child’s skill level by providing them lots of touches on the ball while maintaining their enthusiasm to play and keeping it fun. This environment enables the players to grow in confidence, work on ball mastery exercises, improve their overall balance and coordination and encourages them to practice new techniques and improve their foot skills.

2nd-3rd: Our 2nd-3rd grade soccer foot skills are designed for players who are looking to improve on their technical,physical, and skills (ability to perform turns, feints, and dribbling under pressure) through a more comprehensive curriculum that is designed for individual player growth.  It is conducted by our educated and trained Coaching Staff made of former professional and collegiate soccer players that provide a fun, enthusiastic, and challenging environment.

After School Program

Brit-Am Soccer and Potomac Soccer have partnered up to create the After School Programs. This community program is aimed at providing K-3rd grade boys & girls the opportunity to play conveniently at their school and in a fun and safe environment. The Brit-Am and Potomac Soccer Club staff are professionally licensed and will teach players various techniques such as dribbling, shooting and ball control  through fun activities, along with some of the basic rules of the game. The cost of the program is $100.00 per player and can be provided at any elementary school. Each player also receives a T-shirt.

This fun packed soccer class is a great way to burn of steam after a day in the classroom. We will focus half on skills such as dribbling, turning, shooting and the other half on the game. Players will be challenged to learn new skills, work hard and most importantly have fun in all of the after school programs.

Striker Clinics

Our staff of former professional and collegiate soccer players are all fully licensed and are well respected within the soccer community. Depending on which type of clinic you choose, the focus is on improving each player’s personal techniques, physical abilities, mental approach to practices and games and their knowledge of the game. We provide such clinics for both boys and girls and our objective is to make every player that attends, a more confident individual and capable athlete.

Skills covered during this class:

  • Long & Short Range Shooting
  • Shots on the Turn
  • One Touch Finishing
  • 1v1’s
  • Volleys
  • Headers
  • Movement to Create Space
  • Playing with Back to Goal
  • Creating Shooting Opportunities

Skills Clinics

Our staff of former professional and collegiate soccer players are all fully licensed and are well respected within the soccer community. This clinic will focus on improving each players personal techniques, physical abilities, mental approach to practices and games and their knowledge of the game. We provide such clinics for both boys and girls and our objective is to make every player that attends, a more confident individual and capable athlete. During the program players will work on their 1st touch and receiving, turns,moves and fakes, passing & shooting, dribbling and running with the ball and their decision making skills.

SAQ Clincs

These sessions are for athletes in grades 3-8 who want to get the most out of their bodies by building better training habits. Each session will focus on improving core strength, sprinting technique, balance, coordination, explosiveness and agility. Any athlete that attends these sessions will see an improvement in their physical performance, confidence and mental toughness.

Agenda –
Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) and Injury Prevention
-Running and Sprint Technique Assessment/Corrective Strategies/Preventative Counsel
-Balanced/Functional Bodyweight Exercises for most efficient skill transfer to sport
-“Core” education, understanding of, awareness during movement, and training of
-Occurrences of Injury, how to prevent, avoid those situations
-Understanding and Application of Warming-Up, Train/Compete, Warm-down Cycle
-Balance of Training for Sport, Own Health, Team

Goalkeeper Clinics

Brit-Am Goalkeeper School clinics are run by professional, licenced goalkeeper coaches who use an age-based curriculum to ensure each goalkeeper gets the most out of the clinic. With a high coach to player ratio, coaches are able to provide individual instruction and attention each session. All keepers will receive a personalized player evaluation at the end of the clinic.

Clinic Agenda:

  • Footwork Balance & Positioning
  • Shot Stopping
  • Dealing with Crosses
  • Diving for saves, deflections and level’s
  • Kicking and distribution
  • Decision making and communications